Structure Studios 3D Pool Design Software is industry-leading, and allows professionals to create fully interactive 3D presentations.

    • Instant 3D
    • Easy to Use
    • Realistic and Natural Terrain
    • Ready to Build
    • Control of Sun/Moon
    • Extensive Pool Library
    • Interactive Water Features

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It has always been difficult for home owners to look at a pool drawing and imagine that pool actually in their backyard. Using the latest technology, computers are able to create 3D simulations that can be explored. Pool Studios has been creating virtual backyards (complete with pools and landscaping) for pool companies across the country. Now Structure Studios has created Pool Studio, software that gives Henry Bona Pools & Spas a beautiful way to present a backyard design to customers using a 3D simulation, without limiting their creative freedom.

Not only does Pool Studio turn a 2D drawing into a 3D environment, it does so with remarkable beauty and detail. As if that wasn't already impressive, it goes from 2D to 3D in one mouse click, yielding the term "instant 3D." Creating a rich 3D environment, Pool Studio is able to illustrate the new pool/backyard to you, before a scoop of dirt leaves the ground. Using Pool Studio, we at Henry Bona Pools & Spas can take a customer on a virtual tour of their new pool/backyard simply by moving the computer mouse forward or backward, even entering the virtual pool to be sure that the interior finish is to your liking. The appeal is that you can see it before we build it. Being able to change the tile or deck, add a tree or barbeque, with just the push of a button.






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